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For over 45 years, Keyser has worked with small and medium sized companies in the design, implementation, and administration of Group Benefits programs. Our purpose is to provide your organization with benefits that will help build loyalty, boost performance and provide a meaningful incentive for quality employees to join and stay with your company.

Group Insurance is our business. By combining the finest products in the marketplace with innovative strategies we are committed to ensuring that your company receives the greatest value for its investment.

Working With A Broker

Similar to a mortgage brokerage, insurance brokerages offer the ability to “shop” on your behalf. There are usually no charges for their service as they are compensated by the provider, much like mortgage brokers are compensated by the lender. For group benefits, the majority of insurance companies use insurance brokers. This is why choosing the right insurance brokerage is key to receiving the best advice, access to products and value for your dollar.

It starts with getting to know you and your business, discovering your needs, as well as your short and long-term goals. After we receive your group census, we design plans that fit those needs. We then send the information out to suitable insurance providers to quote on. When we receive the quotes, we conduct a full analysis and review.

Group Benefits | Reporting Service For Group Insurance

We will then compile a full comparison report to review:

  • Coverage offered by each provider
  • Service levels of each provider
  • Technology offered for ease of use
  • Rates and Perception of each insurance company

At this point we can go through the report with you to answer any questions and/or concerns. We will ensure you are educated in order for you to choose a plan that best fits your group’s needs. Then, the setup process can begin.

Group Benefits | Education Services To Help You Better Understand Group Insurance

To ensure a simple process for completing and collecting all required information we provide:

  • Implementation meetings
  • Employee education seminar
  • Online administration setup
  • On-going plan servicing & employee help

Year to year, your plan will “renew” and rates will adjust. Our firm will review and analyze your renewal in order to negotiate on your behalf and ensure the best possible outcome. We will always be there to guide your business through growth and change.

Group Benefits is not just about coverage and rates. Perception of the plan is just as important. As part of our commitment to building long-term relationships with all our clients. We will ensure that you are knowledgeable in all aspects of the “insurance world” and aware of any liabilities that can be covered by insurance products as well as new benefits and offerings.

We are here to help you get the most value out of your group benefits plans and protect your business and family interests.

We are also an exclusive and Authorized brokerage for:

Chambers of Commerce - Group Insurance Plan

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